Top Tracks of My Summer

8 Aug

Some people love music…I Love Music…I’m marrying a man who LOVES MUSIC. Every month he downloads a couple hundred tracks and judges them with his thumb on his iPod. I tend to explore at a slower pace– looking for inspiration on Pandora, from friends, and when the fiancé feels like he’s found something he thinks I’ll be into.

On my iPod these are dubbed as “Summer 2013” even though they weren’t all released during the past few months. I believe that there is always room for discovering music– both old AND new– throughout our lives. Who says a song by Fleetwood Mac from 1974 can’t be on my Summer 2016 playlist? With that in mind, here are the five most heavily rotated songs on my iPod:

1. “Thunder Clatter” by Wild Cub

A ridiculously fun song with wonderfully textured lyrics and a mantra at the end that just kills me every time I hear it. It’s totally not in my range and I sound terrible when I sing along with it, but I love it. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m getting married in two months, but the lines are so lovely.

I hear it call in the center of it all
You’re the love of my life
I hear it all in the center of my heart
You’re the love of my life


2. “Verona” by Geographer

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for a synthesizer and this song doesn’t disappoint. I find myself enjoying the upbeat chorus but looking forward to the quieter parts of the song. The subject matter is full of longing and melancholy, yet remains vibrant.


3. “Red Light District” by Midi Mathilda

I can’t get enough of the falsetto and the cadence of the singer. The ever-changing tempo and focus of the music keeps me interested and I’ve fallen in love with this EP. Really looking forward to their next offering and if you like them, check out “Day Dreams” from the same EP.


4. “Closer Than This” by St. Lucia

Tam.Bour.Rine. TAMBOURINE! Lady voices. Beats. Catchy and sweet lyrics.


5. “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities

This song came out in 2011 and for some reason is insanely blowing up right now. The future husband was playing his music on random and this came on– instant attraction. Synth beat and BUGLES. What more could a girl ask for? It’s all over Pandora and I’ve been walking in West loop and hearing cars blare it. Good for them, it’s a great track. We’ll see what else they come up with.

BONUS TRACK: “The Tale of You & Me” by Wild Child

Morbid topic. Lovely duet. Stellar mantra ending.

Sleep good and hold tight,
just know that I’ll make it right


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