Cheesy Grits with Sweet Bacon and Poached Egg

17 Jun

Cheesy Grits


Whether created at home or out somewhere lovely in the city, weekend breakfasts are a special joy in our house. Recently inspired by Takito Kitchen’s polenta dish, we attempted to make it at home with grits instead. Serves 2.


Trader Joe’s Grits (plus 1/3 cup milk; 2/3 cup sharp white cheddar cheese, grated)

Peppered bacon (2 strips, diced before frying)

Green onion (1 stalk, chopped)

1 tbsp Gardeniera (minced)

1 tbsp Maple syrup

2 Fresh eggs (poached)


Prepare grits as instructed. During the last 10 minutes after milk has been added, begin to boil water for the eggs. Poach the eggs when the water reaches a soft boil. In the meantime, throw bacon into small frying pan over medium heat, cooking for a few minutes until it begins to crisp up. Add green onion,  gardeniera, and maple syrup to the pan and cook for an additional few minutes, making sure to mix all of the elements together. Drain items in frying pan on paper towels after cooking long enough that the bacon is cripsy.

Mix cheese into grits after you put the eggs into the water. Everything should come out at about the same time. Serve up grits, top with poached egg and bacon mixture…and enjoy! So savory with a little heat from the gardeniera and a sweet undertone from the syrup.



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