The Zen of Brownies

11 Mar

GF Brownies

I’m a big proponent of a little sweetness after a savory meal, but typically I don’t want a huge dessert and I need it to be gluten free. Also, I’ve not yet reached the point where I’d like to start experimenting with various GF flours…a little of this guy, a lot of this one, and a pinch of this one…it just doesn’t interest me right now.

Enter the scrumptious brownie mix from Namaste Foods! It makes a huge pan of brownies that can be sliced any way you like it. We prefer the 1.5×1.5″ sized pieces so we don’t feel like we’re downing a million calories. Of course I’m unable to stick to repeating the instructions on the box, and my mind starts to wander off into worlds of other complementary spices, powders, and chunks that would accentuate the already perfect mix. For a while I was on a kick with adding organic dark chocolate chunks and a tablespoon or so of apollonia spice (basically orange blossom and cocoa powder). We just ran out of the apollonia spice, so I’m thinking I might go spicy the next time…

Ancho chile chocolate brownies, anyone?


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