Hot Tracks, Lame Band Name

25 Mar

Graffiti6Spring forward with some pop perfection from another UK band (yes, I’m an Anglophile, we all know it), Graffiti6. Think Mayer Hawthorne, Gnarls Barkley, with a little Mark Ronson thrown in. Loads of harmonies, snazzy beats, and addictive hooks. The lead singer, Jamie Scott, is a bit too pretty for my tastes, but it matches the pretty vocals that he pumps out for stand out tracks like “Colours,” “Stone in My Heart,” and “Starlight.”

Scott was thrown together with DJ/producer Tommy ‘D’ Danvers back in 2008, who enhanced some of Scott’s original tracks. Bored with the idea of remixing every track Scott had already recorded, they started collaborating together and some super sexy tracks came out of the relationship.

These multi-instrumental Brits are widely known for their covers of Adele, Coldplay, and Fleet Foxes…among others. Most can be found on their YouTube channel. I’m still pretty partial to my first introduction of them via their 2010 EP, Stone in My Heart. Come for “Stone in My Heart,” but stay for “Starlight”:

We’re meeting up next weekend at a Hipster bar in Bucktown where we’ll have a nice chat over a few pints of microbrewed goodness.

I’ve personally requested that they cover “Get Together” by Madonna, but I doubt they’ve heard my plea.


2 Responses to “Hot Tracks, Lame Band Name”

  1. Conrad March 25, 2012 at 12:38 pm #

    Thanks for posting this!

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