A Sweet, Sweet Dream

27 Sep

Gemma HayesWhen a friend send me a few tracks from the May 2011 release, Let it Break, and I heard the honeyed vocals of Gemma Hayes through my ear buds I had a major case of déjà vu. I scoured my music library, coming up empty-handed until I was listening to my Gary Lightbody playlist. There she was on The Cake Sale singing “All The Way Down” from the Once soundtrack! Just when I thought my love of Irish artists couldn’t swell any larger, I come across this little Gem-ma of a gal.

Releasing music for over 10 years and proficient at piano and guitar, Gemma has created consistently gentle and silvery tracks that feel like vines slowly creeping up my legs and body until all I can do is succumb to the entire album. She won additional points by collaborating with another Irish crush, Paul Noonan of Bell X1, on “Fire” with background vocals and beats. If you know Bell X1, you’ll immediately hear their indelible mark on the track.

This lass has collaborated with a bunch of artists, including a lovely version of “Lay Lady Lay” with Magnet on the “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” soundtrack, in addition to a decently sized list of other films and television series.

I’ve already got plans to share a picnic with her in Phoenix Park the next time I’m in Dublin. If she wants to invite Gary Lightbody, Glen Hansard, and Paul Noonan, I certainly won’t interfere…and I’ll bring extra wine.

I’ve personally requested that she hook up with Damien Rice and cover “Leather & Lace” by Stevie Nicks, but I doubt she’s heard my plea.



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