My Goodness, My Goddess

11 Nov

It’s no secret that I have delusions of grandeur. In another life I am a thriving pop star with a signature style, stellar costumes, and honey-drenched voice. While that ship has sailed for me, it remains alive and well in Florence Welch, a.k.a. Florence + The Machine.

The 26 year-old ginger-haired British goddess hits strong and hard, only to retreat an instant later to lure you back in for another smack. I am completely spun out when I listen to her debut album, Lungs, as images of the celestial heavens are burst open by a speeding bullet.

Like many people, my first real taste of Florence + The Machine was at the 2010 MTV VMAs. She was epic, ethereal, powerful, talented, limitless … and only in her mid-20s. Thinking that her entire album would follow the path of “Dog Days Are Over”—a whirlwind of tempos, theater, and a bluesy drag of voice—I was confounded by “Kiss With a Fist,” a sassy, violent, and catchy track that has long garnered comparisons to Kate Nash.

When she stops in Chicago on her next tour, Florence and I are hitting up the Lyric Opera and then lounging at a hookah bar. Wanna join?

I’ve personally requested that she cover “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush, but I doubt she’s heard my plea.


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